you've got 3 seconds to start running

haunted house round three. out of all the ones we've been to this season, tonight's was the best. i went on a double date and we went to the haunted forest. i definitely recommend it! the actors there are super good, plus there are plenty of chainsaws! which may not be a good thing, depending on who you ask. i was pretty scared the whole time, but nothing even compares to how scared i was when the chainsaws came. i closed my eyes while skylar and jared practically dragged me up the stairs. it was quite the scene. at one part in the forest, a guy started chasing us with a lawn mower. they gave us 3 seconds to start running. our group broke apart and we all took off in different directions to fend for ourselves. i was screaming the loudest, so the guy chased me. i ran right into a tree. this weekend ive had a lot of troubles smacking my face into things. anyway, after the haunted forest we went and bought texas chainsaw massacre - how appropriate. all in all, it was a great date and definitely a great haunted house. now we only have two haunted houses left to go to. castle of chaos and nightmare on 13th.

love my best friend.

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Binnna! said...

HAHAHAAHAHHA, "I ran into a tree" perfect! I love it, I mean.. sorry! :)