adventures of angie and melia

i realized i never blogged about mine and angie's weekend. it was crazy fun, i'll tell you that much. first, we went out to dinner with sage to the one and only costa vida. so good. then some people were causing some drama so we got that taken care of, and then it was party time! we got together with lauren and maressa and we all decided we wanted to go midnight bowling. but first we drove around a round-a-bout close to 30 times. so we ended up getting this sweet VIP bowling room, for free. it was awesome. while we were bowling, we won a free game of lazer tag! and, at 11/11/11 11:11, we all went for a running slide down the bowling lanes! after lazer tag, lauren and maressa went home. me, sage and angie decided we wanted to have some more fun. we decided to go diggin' up at mineral basin in the canyon. BAD IDEA! the trail was icy, and it was snowing. i was seriously scared for my life. we about slid off the mountain at one point. me and my friends are so dumb, but we live for thrills. ya only live once right? ive been digging more times than i can count, but this was the scariest digging experience ive had. we finally got out of the canyon at two in the morning. well, we werent quite done with our night yet. me and angie went to ihop for some pancakes. me and angela finally made it to her house no later than 4:00 AM. it was a night well spent.

#17 around the round-a-bout


us again

the girls

11/11/11 11:11

our pretty sweet VIP bowling room.

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