birthday weekend

i read a quote somewhere that said "country music fans have such a strong bond with their favorite artists that no one can understand unless you are one."
i agree completely. i wont lie, im still pretty chapped that taylor swift one entertainer of the year at the CMA's. not to be rude, but shes hardly country. she doesnt represent country. it was really awkward when she got on stage and thanked justin bieber, T.I., nikki minaj and usher. those people weren't even at the awards, let alone sing a lick of country music. it was a huge disappointment to watch her on stage getting that award when there are so many other artists with more talent in their pinky finger than she has all together. to watch her at the COUNTRY awards thanking people like justin bieber, while brad paisley, luke bryan, blake shelton, jason aldean, justin moore and everyone else sat there. i felt like she gave country music one big slap in the face. to win entertainer of the year, and then thank a bunch of pop artists. i was embarrassed for her. a true country artist would get up on stage and thank people like waylon, merle, willie, george and johnny cash. she aint country in my book. 

anyway, its party time! its angie's birthday weekend and its going to be one heck of a time. tonight were going midnight bowling, and then to ihop after. tomorrow we are going shopping, out to dinner with jared, and then to a party. its gunna be good. 

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