car accidents and stuff

let's talk about last night. i assure you, it was wonderful. (advanced sarcasm)
today me and angie went on a tour of utah state, but not before we almost died.

yesterday, me angie and my mom drove to logan to stay the night in a hotel for fun. we finally got to logan after the most hellish drive of my entire life. it was a blizzard and i prayed to the good lord above for about 20 minutes straight that we would not crash. anyway, we finally got to logan, three hours later. we were lost as can be and could not find our hotel. we were driving around utah state campus trying to find the dang hotel for what seemed like forever. we got stuck in the snow multiple times, and my anxiety levels were high after the super scary drive.
i had to pee super bad, and i just couldn't hold it anymore. we drove to a random gas station and took a break. after we were done doing our business, my mom went to the cashier man to ask for the directions to our hotel. he had no idea where it was. 
i got bored, so me and angie went to go sit back in the car and wait while my mom and the gas station man figured out the address to the hotel.  bad idea. 

me and angie were sitting in the back seat of the car just talking. out of no where, a truck slammed into the back of my parked car. let me assure you, it was probably the scariest moment of my life. we didn't even see the truck coming because we were sitting in the seats, and the truck hit is from behind, so it was totally a surprise and a shock. its a hard feeling to explain, but it felt like it went in slow motion. the moment i knew what had happened, some explicit things came out of my mouth. i think anige was kind of scared because it was her first accident, but i was livid. absolutely livid. i got out of the car and  took in the scene. i was pissed. i went to go tell my mom in the gas station what had just happened. turns out she was already outside because she heard the crash from inside the gas station because it was so loud. we were at the gas station for about an hour and a half waiting for the cops and everything. i was SO pissed. not only had the drive been a living scary hell, we were so lost, it was a blizzard outside, we were starving and we just got hit by a truck. it was my last freaking straw.  it was now about 9 at night and no where near the hotel or food.

lesson i learned: when your in a bad situation, a bad attitude only makes it a million times worse. things probably would have been better last night if i wasn't such a little brat about what had happened. my mom was already stressed about the car damage, and i made it worse. i feel bad that i took my anger out on my mom, the accident wasn't her fault. anyway. there is no situation so bad, that a bad attitude wont make worse. so next time something bad happens to me, i will think before i blow up at the situation. 

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