every day im worrying

sorry ive been so disfunctional lately. its almost impossible for me to write a normal blog post anymore. oh well, i guess this is just how things are going to be for a while. 

first of all, im just a wreck and a half about college. 
mom wants me to go here, dad wants me to go there, and i want to go to utah state. 
and even thinking about college stresses me out. i cant afford it. 
and on top of that, i don't even know if nursing is what i really want to go into. i thought i was so sure about a nursing major, but now im not sure. what if its really not for me? i don't have a back up plan. 
you should know, i worry about everything. i worry about things that will happen ten years down the road. i worry about graduation day, i worry about my wedding day, i worry about my future kids. i know this is outrageously stupid, but i seriously worry that i will never get married. i seriously worry that i will make no friends in college. im worried that no guys will find me interesting. im worried that i wont get a long with anyone. what if i don't find anyone that likes country music? im stressed about getting a long with my room mate. really, these thoughts cross my mind every day.
seriously. i worry about everything. 
college stresses me out. 

on top of being a worry wart about college all the time, im stressed about this huge chemistry project due in a week. i haven't even started. im also stressed about this lesson i have to teach on monday. i also have to apply for more colleges, apply for housing, apply for scholarships, blah blah blah. 

im a freaking basket case.

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Binnna! said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who is so back and forth on what I want to go into for schooling. I originally wanted to be a doctor but with Obamas health plan I don't want to spend 9+ years to get paid minimum wage. Goodness and worrying about everything under the sun, I totally understand you on that! Keep your head up girl!