get healthy, not skinny.

it seems now days that every single girl is obsessed with becoming skinny. the skinnier the better. my pinterest home page is blown up with pictures of skinny girls with their hip bones sticking out. it gets old. being skinny is not a bad thing, but i think being healthy is far more important than being skinny. some people are naturally born skinny, but that doesn't necessarily mean that they are healthy. i think being healthy matters the most, not the size of your jeans. 
ive been going to the gym almost every night for over a year now. my jeans are still a size ten. ive ran hundreds and hundreds of miles and i still don't have a gap between my legs. ive done more ab exercises than i can count, and i still don't have a six pack. i may not have the flattest stomach, but ive got stronger muscles.
but you know what? im okay with that because im healthy and in shape.
becoming "fit" can seem a little over-whelming if you try to tackle it all at once. changing your entire diet in a single day can seem like a impossible challenge, and it usually is. my advice to you is don't do it all in one day. take  baby steps and day by day you will become healthier.
i used to be addicted to mountain dew. i would have at least one a day. i knew that i had to give up my addiction to become healthier. i told myself that i would only have a mountain dew every other day. after a while, i told myself that i could only have mountain dew on the weekends. now im proud to say i haven't had any sort of carbonation or soda in over two months. the only thing i drink is water.
i used to have toast every single day on white bread. i thought i could never give it up. one day i forced myself to throw away the white bread. i went out and bought whole wheat bread. i wont lie, i hated the taste.  but after a while i got used to it.
instead of those sugary cereals every morning, go for a slim fast or oatmeal! they are both quick and will leave you feeling more full and satisfied longer.
instead of reaching for chips, reach for the wheat thins or 100 calorie packs!

make simple changes over time and it will make a big difference.

i promise, its easier if you take baby steps! don't change your whole lifestyle in one day. slowly make changes to become healthier! its so much easier. leave notes around the house to remind yourself, and push yourself! it will be the most rewarding thing you ever do. don't be so obsessed with being skinny, just be healthy!


Lexi said...

i really like this melia.

sydnee said...

i love when the girls more of somewhat larger stature post those pictures.
it makes me laugh.