im going to talk about my grandpa here for a second. he's the only grandpa ive ever known in my life. when i was younger, i never really understood who my grandpa was. i took him for granted. i never realized the example he is to me. my grandpa wrote his life story, and its long. i read the whole thing today while sitting in the living room with him. while reading, id pause and look up at my grandpa. its amazing how many things my grandpa has done and seen. i look at his wrinkles and i know hes lived a full life. i look at my grandpa and think of how amazing it is that he was at pearl harbor the day after it happened. he saw all the damage. he was there, but i never knew. i never took the time to find out who my grandpa really is. he is an amazing man.
my grandpa is 86 years old. him and my grandma have been married over 60 years now. if that isn't true love, than i don't know what is. i watched him as he cried over my grandma while she was in the hospital. it broke my heart. he is 86 and he still wakes up early every day and tends to his fields. every day he wakes up and makes sure my grandma is happy and healthy. every day he wakes up and lifts weights. my grandpa is my hero.

my grandpa joined the navy at 17 years old. he was only in the 11th grade. could you imagine being in the navy that young? my grandpa is a dedicated man. he served in the south pacific during world war two. he flew the dive bomber planes. he was an engineer. he works hard for everything he earns. he taught me that with hard work, i can accomplish anything.

my grandpa was a firefighter for the los angeles fire department for thirty years. its one of the most famous fire departments. out of 10,000 people that applied for the job, my grandpa was the one that got it. over thirty years, can you imagine how many lives he has saved? its remarkable. he was an underwater rescuer for 14 years. and all through that, hes showed my grandma unconditional love.
he built this house that i am sitting in with his own two hands. he works for everything. he doesn't complain. he's loved only one woman, and hes fought for our country. he was a hard working firefighter and raised three kids when times were tough. he is the perfect example to me of what a man should be like. my grandpa is the greatest example ive ever had. he is the perfect husband to my sweet grandma. one day i will find love like that.

my grandpa is my hero.  i am so thankful that i got the chance to read his life story today. i would have had no idea what a remarkable man my grandpa is.

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