this is my town

i went on a tour of utah state this morning. 
its my school. i know it. 
i cant wait to go to basketball games at the spectrum, or go sledding down old main hill. you bet your bottom i'll become a true aggie. people at utah state are wild. i cant wait to go sledding down old main in a canoe or on a couch. im excited to eat aggie ice cream every day and scream in the library at the end of finals week. i cant wait for parties in my dorm and meeting so many new people. utah state is the place for me, i know it. logan is a gorgeous town right by the mountains with lots of cowboys and hard working men. the truck to car ratio makes me giddy. i cant freaking wait. 
after the tour, i went and bought a t-shirt. 

see you next spring, aggies.  
yep, its backwards. it says "hail the utah state aggies"
and hail, i will. 

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Diana said...

I kinda creep on your blog. and I've never commented before, but I just have to say something because I am in fact, an Aggie. And it's the best thing that's ever happened to me. You will absolutely love it and have THE time of your life.