heres to you, angela

happy 18th birthday.
i hope its wonderful, you deserve it.

six years ago angie passed me a wadded up piece of paper in band class that said "hey." and the rest is history. we've been attached at the hip ever since. i don't think i could imagine life without her. i go to her for everything. we've done everything together. we've dated best friends and we've dated brothers. we've grown into country girls together. she is truly my best friend ever and no one will ever change that or come between the two of us. we know absolutely everything about each other, and we trust each other with our lives. she is the sister that i never had. it doesn't matter what we are doing, we have fun doing it. we've basically grown up together. i will never forget the bajillions of memories we have had together. when i look through the hundreds and hundreds of pictures of us on my computer, i feel nothing but gratitude. i cant thank her enough for all that she has done for me. she's always been there, with every heart break and every argument with family. we complete each other. we can look at each other and know exactly what the other is thinking. we can have a whole conversation just by making face expressions. sure, me and angie get in our arguments and we get annoyed with each other on a daily basis, but we cant be mad for more than five minutes, because then we have to tell each other something. i cant put into words how amazing these last six years have been. my teenage years would have been so different without her. i am so grateful for angie. the memories we have together mean the world to me. when i think of my past, angie is in almost every memory. she's always been there to laugh and be crazy with me. no one will understand how much she means to me.
i love you angie, happy 18th birthday.
i cant believe we've been friends for this long.
we were just 12 years old when we met,
and now look at us applying for colleges together.
here's to many more years, angelica.

18 years old.

12 years old.

facts about my best friend:
1.she doesnt have a middle name2.she has the same birthday as her older sister3.when she writes, she turns her paper sideways4.she'd choose arby's chicken sandwich over wendy's chicken sandwich.5.her nails are usually painted white, if not, they are hot pink6.she's lived in the same house her entire life7.most of her wardrobe is grey8.she used to have cat wallpaper in her room9.she is a picky eater10.she loves fruitsnacks (only the treetop brand), but hates the orange flavored ones11.she drinks water very slowly12.she washes her hair every other day13.she goes to walmart almost daily14.she drives a blue ford tarus. i wont tell you what we call it.15.she owns a pair of Justin cowboy boots she got from gunnies16.she lives for adventure, but she comes off as shy.17.she used to play the piano, and wishes she never quit.18.she puts salt on her apples19.she loves bacon and peanutbutter sandwiches20.her dad wears aviator sunglasses everywhere he goes.

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