random thoughts

thanksgiving with the clegg's and tyler's is always interesting. the topic of conversation at the dinner table was marijuana and organ donors. my dads side of the family is just that way...

that moment when your ex boyfriends mom texts you happy thanksgiving because you’re still friends with her. yeah, we talk often.

i saw breaking dawn at the midnight premiere. i never blogged about it because i guess it wasn't worth my time. lets be honest that was the cheesiest movie ive ever seen. i laughed through the entire movie.

my brother has almost been out on his mission for one year. can you believe that? time flies im tellin ya.

i wish i was home. all my friends went and camped outside of cabelas last night for black friday. where the heck was i?

i bought a pair of mens boxers for $1.28. they have my favorite brand of cowboy boots all over them. of course i had to freaking buy them. they are also size XL but whatever, they were 1 dollar.

for any of you cowboy boot lovers out there, reams in lehi is going out of business and all the boots are SO cheap. okay well not so cheap, but marked down a ton. the boots i wanted online were $350, and i found them at reams for $279.

we scored a new dvd player and an ipod touch last night at black friday.

oh, i got all my christmas shopping done already. its completely fine to clap.

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