too much food

im gunna burst. i feel like a whale. grandma is here visiting, and when she visits, she likes to eat out! my grandma is quite the partier. she's like almost 80 and she still goes on space mountain with us at disneyland. i love her. anyway, last night we went out to dinner at ruby river, and it was so good. they played jason aldean over the speakers and i just felt right at home eating my overly-large steak. then this morning, me and angie made our run to kneaders for breakfast. after that, me, my mom and grandma spent the entire day shopping up in salt lake. we had lunch at the cheesecake factory. im just going to explode now, i feel so sick. too much food in less than 24 hours. today while we were shopping, i purchased a lucky brand bomber jacket for $80 that was originally $169. id call that a freaking steal, especially since its lucky. anyway, i also got some long sleeve shirts from old navy and some spandex running pants. im stoked to try them out. i love when grammy comes to visit, she is such a party animal! she can shop all day and never get tired. shes awesome. oh good news, me and angie hung out last night, and we had some serious discussions. we are planning on rooming together at utah state. (YAY!) but the plans could change. but.... that's the idea for right now and i cross my fingers that it really happens. i couldn't imagine living more than 3 minutes away from her.

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