cricket on a line

sorry for my absence of blogging lately. i just haven't been that into it. 
anyway, on thursday i attended one of the greatest concerts i have ever been to. and thats saying something.
colt ford, was his name. only true blue country fans would know who colt ford is. he's pretty famous in the country music industry. anyway, the concert was unbelievable. 
i was in the front row the entire time. i caught the guitar pick, colt ford shook my hand, he blew me a kiss, the drummer came down and held my hand, over all a great night. i got my ticket signed by the band jagertown also. after the show, we had a chance to go meet colt ford and get a picture with him. when i walked up to colt ford, he looked at me and angie and said "its my front row girls!" dang straight we are. he signed my phone and thats that. oh and the best part of the night? i told my home boy jason aldean how much i loved him over a video camera. 
there were so many hot guys there, i was in heaven. seriously it was MY kinda party. tons of single country boys. im pretty sure every single person at that concert was wearing a pair of boots and camo. holy crap, it felt like home. 

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