cya 2011

surprise! i changed my blog name. this is final now. i'll tell you the story behind little country later. i thought i could use a new blog title for the new year, and i'll be honest i hated tailgates & tanlines. anyway, i guess 2011 is basically over. its been a crazy year to say the least.
i discovered a lot about myself this year. if i could, i would put 2011 on repeat. it was an amazing year. i said goodbye to my big brother, and it was hard. i stayed in the disneyland hotel for my first time. i went ghost hunting in tombstone arizona. i went camping, became a senior and got my nursing assistant license. i found out a lot about the medical field, and started an internship at the hospital. i made countless new friends and said goodbye to friends that weren't good for me. i was called as the laurels class president, and church became important to me. i made one of the biggest decisions of my life, and decided to go to utah state university. i moved on from one of the most challenging trials in my life. it took two years, but i moved on and i am never looking back. i got my first job as a lifeguard, and i saved two lives. i went to the rodeo many times, and i went to more concerts this year than any other. i went four wheeling a lot and had more campfires than i can count. i let my heart open up for the first time since my sophomore year. i met an amazing man on the fourth of july and fell head over heels. it was the first time i had felt butterflies in years. i was shown around a country boy's world. i saw jason aldean live and cried tears of joy, and i took kolton to tim mcgraw for his 18th birthday. that summer was the happiest i'd been in years. i star gazed a lot, and i slow danced around a campfire. i went shooting at the provo gun range and went mudding out at five mile. i had the best 17th birthday surrounded with lots of people i love, until the cops crashed my party. i went to cabelas at least once a week and i went to my first duck calling competition. i grew closer to angie and ate a lot of costa vida. i learned so much about myself. i truly learned to love who i am, and love what i look like. i gained self respect and confidence. i embraced my country lifestyle and im not ashamed anymore. i am proud of who i am and im ready to show the world. i didn't cry a single time in 2011, but that doesn't mean it wasn't tough. i grew up a lot in 2011 and i feel more like an adult. i am ready to face 2012 with full confidence and a clear mind. 2011 was such a good year for me.

my goals for 2012 are to go on more dates and eat healthy.