fake friendship

i hate to be such a downer, but im pretty much over my teenage years. im ready to get on with my life and move away from this life i live now. i need a fresh start so badly. i cant wait for college, when i can make an entire new set of friends. i am so excited for that. where people will be a little more mature. i know there will still be immature people in college, but im going to be smart about it, and stay away from those kinds of people. ive done my fair share of friend making, and i know what i do and dont want in a friend. i'll be honest. id rather have no friends right now, than be friends with a bunch of fake people. i can wait patiently until college to make new friends.   when i get to college, im going to be extra careful and choose the right friends. im not going to mess up my college by choosing the wrong friends, like i did in high school. everyone says that high school is so great, but honestly, ive been miserable every second. i can count my friends on one hand. im serious. i never had that amazing high school experience. i have no friends that go to school with me, except angie. all of my friends are outside of high school and graduated. i guess what im trying to say is i really messed up in high school, and im not going to make that same mistake again in college. im going to meet amazing people, and im going to choose my friends wisely. im going to find my country people that i fit in with. im going to hang out with people that go  to church, and are respectful and responsible. i dont want friends that are unstable. over the last week ive been doing a lot of deleting numbers and deleting friends off facebook. everyone's friendships on facebook are so fake. i mean people are friends with their worst enemies on facebook. that makes no sense to me. so i've been deleting people that i don't need in my life. i don't use facebook to stalk people. i use it to talk to my true friends. i find it unnecessary to be friends with people i don't even know. (except for fellow bloggers, you can all stay) im tired of the wrong choices ive made, i have no one to blame but myself. im over my teenage years, and im ready for a new start. college is my last hope, and i swear im not going to mess it up.

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