from sunny california

its like seventy degrees here. no big deal.
when you drive to california, which im sure many of you have, on the border of california the state government stops you and your vehicle to make sure you don't have any fresh fruit in your car. why they do this? i have no idea. but if you have any fruit in your car, they make you give it to them. its kind of like they are checking for illegal immigrants, but not really. 
we had recently purchased a whole bag of oranges not remembering that they would stop us on the border of california to take them away. 
when we pulled up to the station, the lady in uniform asked my dad if we had any fresh fruit. my dad said no and drove off. my mom was so mad, and told him he was stupid for lying to the government. i laughed and laughed for days. i cant believe my dad straight up lied to that ladies face. but over-all, i am proud of him. that is totally something i would do. i really am my fathers daughter. 

also, today it was so nice outside, we washed the cars. my cousin was even in her bathing suit. eat that, utah. 

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