greetings from bolivia

tonight, me and my family decided we wanted to get into the christmas spirit. being the night of christmas eve eve, we decided to go look at some festive lights. we went to the del mar racetrack in san diego. its a place where they have those really fancy horse races. during christmas time, they close the track and set the whole thing up with lights. its exactly like the one at thanksgiving point, only bigger and you drive around the race track. well long story short the line of cars was miles long and we were bored out of our minds sitting in the car. thankfully, i had my ipod with me and we plugged that sucker in. my ipod has saved me so many times in the past, its not even funny. anyway, we skipped the christmas music and went straight for johnny cash. then we entertained ourselves by blasting sweet home alabama. we rolled down all the windows, and sung it at the top of our lungs. im pretty sure we annoyed every car around us. my family is pretty weird sometimes, but we had fun. an hour later, we finally got inside the track. it only lasted about twenty minutes. we spent more time waiting for the lights than we did looking at them. on the car ride home we proceeded to listen to the beach boys and the beatles. both of which are required while i am in california.

also, i got to talk to my brother on the phone today for a whole hour. it was the greatest. he was cracking jokes like he always does. and honestly, i forgot how much i missed his laugh. my brother has the best laugh in the entire world. he is doing really good. i miss him a lot though. when he talks, he sounds exactly like nacho libre. his spanish accent is so thick. he had a really hard time speaking english and kept speaking spanish without even realizing it. it should be interesting when he gets home....one more year and 12 days until i get to see him again. 

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