hollywood blvd

today i took a trip to hollywood. after the three hour hellish drive, we finally got there. but not before passing disneyland and almost dying (there are tire marks on the road to prove.) the second i got to hollywood, some guy started hitting on me. i've never been so scared for my virginity in all my life. all i have to say is, hollywood is not as glamorous as the media shows. i guess i just thought hollywood would be fancy and nice. boy, was i wrong. it was the most grimiest dump ive ever been to. ive seriously never been in a city more disgusting and gross. homless people were everywhere, and every place we went we were bombarded with creepy people trying to sell us stupid junk. you know the creepy people that have no teeth and hold up those huge signs that say Jesus isn't real? yeah, those ones. and the number of prostitutes there was truly amazing. i saw so many butt cheeks. too much information? anyway, it was just a mess. so many nasty people and cigarettes, bleck. i enjoyed myself eating at the hard rock cafe and looking at all the stars though! those stars go on forever! we didn't even get half of them covered. the hard rock was pretty nice, its the 3rd one ive been to. (others were washington DC and the bahamas.) the original plan was to look for alan jackson's star first. well, once we walked out of the hard rock, to our surprise alan jackson's star was right in front of us. we spent the rest of the afternoon looking at stars and footprints and avoiding creeps. it was good fun. all i have to say is i will never be going back to hollywood and i am so very thankful i live in the small town that i do. just another reminder to me that i will NEVER live in the city.
my man johnny depp

some famous theatre

alan jackson, my lover. 

my other lover, john wayne

walt disney

hookers bum in the background.

kenny rogers, old country. 

 huge jackman

 robert downey jr

harry potter cast

daniel radcliffe

BROOKS & DUNN the best. 


 hard rock cafe

hollywood sign 

for the last hour, me and kolt have been texting each other quotes from the movie step brothers.
wow, we are awesome.

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