im sorry, im absolutely obsessed.

i love, love, love, love, love, LOVE disneyland. i could talk about it all day. i was born a disney baby, and ill die a disney fan. ive been to disneyland more times than i could ever keep track of, and ill never stop. i'll be there on the 100th anneversiary, you can count on it. anyway, i came across this AMAZING disney blog and i will share with you my favorite pictures. i swear you guys, im going to cry i love disneyland so much. these arent even a fourth of the pictures i like. i just didn't want to blow up my page with every single one i liked. and to you fellow disney fans out there, tell me which pictures apply to you. 

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Lexi said...

i absolutely love this post. i will be proposed to at disneyland by the castle.
may i have the link to thise disney blog? it sounds quite magical :)