public vs private

i always go back and fourth between making this blog private and public. i can never make up my mind. whenever i have something important to share, i make it private. and then once i decide to make it public again, i delete the important stuff that i had written. its a real problem. anyway, a little birdie who will remain unknown talked me into making my blog public again. so here's to you, mister. wish granted.

also, as soon as i get home im changing my name of my blog. i know, im turning into one of those people that change their name once a week. its totally fine. this title has nothing to do with me. im going to change my title to little country. my friends call me LC, which stands for little country. that is my  nickname and always will be, and it fits me perfectly if you know my personality. so, when i get home, there will be another change.

im going to eat cake and watch elf.

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