venting session.

i guess im a little chapped. ive been doing a little bit of soul searching lately, and frankly im really sick of the people that pretend to be in my life. they are so two faced. ive got angie, and she's about the only person i trust. every single person has turned their back on me, and left me in the dust. well my dear, that's not how friendship works. you're supposed to always be there for someone, not just when its convenient for you. friendship is not temporary. and that's why ive been deleting people's numbers, and deleting people on facebook. for as much as it hurts me to do that, its worth it and needs to be done. i don't need flaky people in my life. im not going to let people just be my friends "when its convenient." nope, your either with me for the long run, or your not my friend at all. i will sit here with no friends, patiently, while i look for the right ones. im perfectly okay with that. id rather have no friends than a bunch of fake ones. and to be honest, im sick of letting guys into my life so they can just stomp on my feelings.
im so over people. im so over fake friends.
sorry, but im really fed up right now.
i hate to be so negative, but some things need to be said.

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just simply meg. said...

this reminds me of my venting session. i'm sorry melia, people are stupid. simple as that. we should hang out soon, please? we can vent to eachother. love you girl.