we hunt the world ya'll

so im going to this concert tomorrow night in salt lake.
colt ford, is who im seeing.
im sure none of you know who that is.
but hes this fat redneck, who raps country.
if you have never heard country rap, well your missing out on a whole nother world.
its the best. im a freak, i know.
but its going to be real fun.
he is coming with two other guys i don't know named chance mckinney and jagertown. im always up for discovering new country artists. im kind of excited. the venue is a smaller place, which will be a lot more fun than those huge country concerts im used to. there will be a few hundred people there, not a few thousand. its going to be so fun, i can tell.

tomorrow should be interesting.

nothing brings a bunch of ex boyfriends and rednecks together like a good ol country rap concert.

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