i went and test drove trucks with sex kitten today. it was a riot and a half. we felt like little kids on christmas. nothing makes me happier than big, sexy trucks. 
i wish kolt could have came with us, but poor kid's gotta work. 

i was doing so good at eating healthy, i lost three pounds. (YAY!) but today, zachary took me to mcdonalds while we were out. curse him. we both got something off the dollar menu and i felt horrible for eating fast food. THEN while we were test driving trucks, my momma called me and offered costa vida. honestly, how could i pass up an offer like that? so yes i had mcdonalds AND costa vida in one day. i feel like 2000 pounds.

yes, i did go out in public looking like that. im sure zach is embarrassed to be seen with me looking like that, but bless his heart he puts up with it. 
 the hood of the truck was level with my head. it was HUGE and i freaking loved it! 

you shoulda heard her purr when zach gassed the sucker. 
it sounded so amazing. 

thats sexkitten's "oh my gosh, this is amazing, i can't believe this is happening" look. 



all i need is family, friends, music and nature.
honest to goodness, that's all i want out of my life. 
i don't want the most "likes" on facebook. i don't want to be popular or have tons of friends. i don't want the biggest house or the nicest car. i don't want to have the nicest clothes, or the cutest hair style. 
i don't want it and i don't need it. 
i live a simple life, really. i have my few friends that i can count on one hand that i love to death. and i have my family who means the world to me. i have the mountains right behind me and honestly, thats all i will ever need. i do what makes me happy. i don't care what others think of me. i don't feel that ugly need to be accepted by everyone. i figure if i don't know them, why care what they think about me? i don't care about popularity, or being in the "now." i live my life the way i want to, and i live it simply. 
i am happy. 


i don't cry. ever.
there is one thing that makes me cry.
my back problems. 
at this moment i can not bed over, sit or stand without major pain and discomfort. the only thing that makes it more bearable is laying flat on my back. which is real annoying. 

i was cursed with the back of a grandma. 


supaa bored.

i had a dream that blake shelton came over to my house and we made out. its whatever. 
1:Apart from the internet, what do you like to do in your spare time?
hang out with my friends, work out, be outside & go to cabelas. 

2:Name a favorite of each: food, drink, color.
-mashed potatoes, pancakes, costa vida

3:If you married rich and your spouse gave you $100,000 a week, what would you spend it on?
outdoor gear, boots, vacations and nascar tickets. 
4:Name a favorite of each: book, movie, tv show.
-talladega nights, walk the line
-the office, pawn stars

5:If you were given the opportunity to spend 48 hours with absolutely anyone (living or dead), who would you spend it with and what would you do?
jason aldean. we would go four wheeling and then he would sing to me around a fire. 
6:Name a LEAST favorite of each: food, drink, color.
-dr pepper (sorry boys) and coke.

7:What do you spend most of your money on?
food & concert tickets. 

8:What kind of underwear do you prefer wearing?
boy cut & ones with lace. 

9:Name a LEAST favorite of each: book, movie, tv show.
-the crucible
-red riding hood
-i dunno

10:If you were sat on a plane beside your favorite celebrity, what would you do?
cry. and then take some pictures with them.  

11:What is the strangest thing you have in your room? (You are not allowed to explain why you own it.) 
six foot cut out of captain jack sparrow. 

12:What is a weird habit you have, or people have told you have. (Weird, not bad. No nail biting or any of that nonsense.) 
playing with my eyelashes

13:What would you consider to be the biggest insult to yourself?
i don't get insulted easily. i've been called it all. 

14:What are five things you absolutely have to have in your dream house?
hot cowboy to sleep next to
hot tub
movie room
big kitchen
nice truck for me to drive

15:If you could be reincarnated as any animal, which would you chose and why?
don't know or care. some animal that lives in the rain forest. 

16:Which band (current or past) would you want to go on tour* with? (*Travel with, not preform with.)
17:Name a favorite of each: band, album, song.
-jason aldean
-i can't choose a favorite album.
- i could never choose a favorite song. 

18:Why is your favorite band your favorite?
because his voice is amazing. when jason sings he gives me the chills. jason has been there with me through every hard time through high school. he sings a song for every situation ive been in. whether its heart break or a good memory. jason has always been there and his lyrics hit me in the heart. and on top of that, hes extremely good looking. i love him.

19:How many concerts have you attended? Which was your favorite? Least favorite? If none, who do you want to see live the most? 
ive been to seven concerts and seen over 20 artists preform. my least favorite concert was brad paisley at the stadium of fire. my favorite concert was jason aldean or tim mcgraw.

20:What is one of your favorite song lyrics? (Who is it by?)
i cant choose. anything country.

21:Who do you last kiss?
22:What band merch do you own? If any, whose is it and when did you get it? If none, whose do you wish you owned?
i caught a bag of skittles from the band, the classic crime.
i own a t-shirt from the gary allan concert.
i own a t-shirt from the tim mgcraw concert.
i own a t-shirt from the jason aldean concert.
i own a guitar pick from colt ford and he signed my phone and his band signed my ticket.

23:How did you learn of the band that is currently your favorite?
summer of 2009. i fell in love with jason. 

24:What celebrity do you idolize the most?
i don't really care about celebrities. 

25:Which member from which band would you most want to lather in nutella?
jason aldean obviously.

if i had a freaking dollar for every time i mentioned jason aldean. wow, i love him. also if you made it to the end of this post, i love you. 


just some stuff

i love the walmart five dollar movie bin. i always find real gems in there. i found pure country and walk the line. such good movies. once i attempted to watch pure country at kolts house but i fell right asleep because i was all jacked up on pain medication. 

speaking of walk the line, this movie makes me so thankful for johnny cash. i really love the man in black. i wish he was still alive. "hello, im johnny cash" 

you know your old when you get excited over a new vacuum cleaner. i spent two and a half hours vacuuming the whole house i was so excited. 

im still mad i didn't go to the brad paisley concert. 

to top off an amazing day of five dollar movies, new vacuums and johnny cash, i went to zupas. i love that place. 

did you notice that the days are getting longer? summer is just around the corner i can feel it. 

im going four wheeling for my 18th birthday. only 128 days.

i got straight A's second term. that means ive had a 4.0 GPA all year. 

im done with these rambling thoughts. im off to watch pure country. 

i just laughed so hard

im going to watch harry potter tonight because all my friends have jobs and i have nothing else to do. 

kinda like splash mountain

that awkward/awesome moment when your ex boyfriend pulls up and your sitting next to a man that is 100 times better than him. 

oh, what? yeah this happened to me tonight. i ran into my ex josh. good thing i was sitting right next to kolton in the middle of his truck. y'all shoulda seen the look on his face. i even waved at  him to be nice. that pissed him off even more. i have waited for that moment my entire life. no, not really my entire life but i cant explain how much joy it brought me to show him how much better i can do than him. it was a glorious moment. thank goodness for boys like kolton. 

also, i missed the brad paisley concert tonight which i am way bummed about but i ate my weight in peach-os and hung out with mister kolton so i guess that makes up for it. when kolt was driving me home tonight, every SINGLE radio station was playing a brad paisley song. it made my heart die a little inside. so we turned off the radio and the boys rapped some eminem for me. those boys and their eminem... drives me nuts. oh well, it was a good night regardless. 


its a great day.

its a great day for me and my man jason aldean. first of all, when i got in my car this morning, the first thing i heard was jason's beautiful voice on my radio. it always makes the drive to school a lot more enjoyable when he is singing to me. when i got to first period, i put in my headphones and listened to jason aldean for the whole period. i had a mini jason aldean concert in my head. i even sang out loud in the middle of class. its so hard not to sing when im listening to jason, i just cant control myself. THEN when i got in my car again to go home for lunch, you'll never guess what happened. jason was on the radio AGAIN! he sang to me on my way home from school too. any day that includes jason aldean is a good day. as if this day couldnt get any  better, it did. i logged on facebook and the first thing i see is a video of jason on my dash. he told me that he got nominated for six (SIX!?!) ACM awards. my boy is going to take home the gold, im telling ya. i love that man so freaking much its unreal. 
anyway, its just been a real good day for me and my boy. im happy for him! 


here we go

sorry for that post below, yet again my friend got onto blogger. my friends think they are hilarious. anyway, ive seen a lot of talk about getting in shape and becoming healthy. it makes me happy. im glad that you guys are starting to enjoy the same thing i've been enjoying for a few years. here is the problem though, yeah im in shape but i eat like crap. seriously if i ate halfway decent i would actually lose some weight. i mean i work out plenty, i just don't eat right. im sure you all know that its really hard to eat right. ive been telling myself forever that im going to start eating healthy. guess what? its never happened. and this weight isnt just going to lose itself. i need to change my ways. you think it should be easy for me since my daddy is the biggest health nut, but its actually really hard to eat right. so here it goes, im going to try my hardest to eat right. my goal is to lose ten pounds by my 18th birthday. maybe that goal is far fetched, but im going to try my very best. with the help of my daddy, im going to do this no matter how hard it is. but, no goal goes anywhere without some plans. so i have set some rules for myself so i can get this ball rolling. 

melia's rules for a healthier life:
no food after 9
absolutely no soda
no endless snacking
drink protein shake after workout
always carry water bottle with you
no fast food on weekdays
less candy
eat slower and eat on smaller plates
watch portion sizes
figure out the difference between hunger/boredom. 

alright, so there are my rules. im going to stick by these. 
im going to eat healthier starting today.
here i go. 



Hello... oh hmmmm what to say.... hmmmm ugh i like turtles?


boys take note

i know there are a few guys out there that secretly read my blog... well not really secret because you all tell me but.... what im trying to say is i have some really important stuff to share so pay attention. 

and this is the truth. 

secret notes

i have these boots, i wear them all the time. they are roxy military boots and they have pockets on the side of them.

this is what they look like. 

well, i was sitting in chemistry today next to my friend kolten. not to be confused with mister kolton. anyway, i  was sitting there minding my own business when kolten slipped a folded note into the pocket on my boot. when i got to my next class, i opened up the pocket and took out the note. this is what i found. 

"dear melia, you are so beautiful and amazing! no one could ever be as perfect as you. i love you with all my heart and i will always love you forever and ever!" with lots of little hearts included. and yes, that is a picture of a dog. kolten loves dogs. i read this note and i laughed so hard. i love that kid. 

his secret note basically made my day. 



i just spent the last two hours applying for nursing jobs. 
cross your fingers that i get one, because i really need it. 
even though i probably wont go into nursing in college, i should really put my CNA license to use. plus, i could really use the money because lets face it, my summer lifeguard earnings are pretty much gone. 


tonight was much better than last night. 
i went on a double date with mister kolton (: 
we went and saw contraband, which is a good movie i thought. the ending was SO good. 
after the movie, we were looking for something to do. we drove past ihop, so i suggested we go there because we had nothing better to do. i don't know what it is about ihop, but whenever i go there i end up laughing so hard. i had tears in my eyes basically the whole time. and in case your wondering, i had chocolate chip pancakes. i was going to pay for mine and kolt's food since it was my idea to go to ihop but right at the last moment kolton came and gave the cashier his card. we stood there at the cash register and fought over who was going to pay and finally the cashier took kolton's card. he is such a gentleman, its nice for a change. 
after that we drove around and listened to music, which is my favorite thing to do. and while we were at it, me and kolt polished off two whole bags of peach-os. we love those things. 

all around a great night. i love spending time with my favorite people. 


crappy nights

last night blew. 
do you ever have those nights where your with all your friends, but no one can get a long and everyone is just in a crappy mood the whole night? yeah that was last night. no one could decide what to do, so for six hours we moped around and felt sorry for ourselves. last night goes in the books for one night that i never want to repeat. we decided we wanted to go bowling, and after waiting in the bowling alley for an hour for midnight bowling to start, jayce decided he no longer wanted to bowl. so we left and went straight back home. talk about a waste of freaking time. 
not only was it a horrible night, i managed to run into every single person on this planet that i don't ever want to run into. it was such a waste of a friday night. 

the only remotely good part of the night is when when were driving around a corner and the door of jayce's truck flew open. shannon screamed and i seriously thought i saw my life flash before my eyes. i laughed so hard and the only thing jayce could manage to say was "well there goes my hinges!"

making plans

i've had his number in my phone since summer 2009. 
tonight, i deleted his number. tonight, i deleted him from facebook. 
i once called him my best friend, but now i realize he doesn't mean a single thing to me. absolutely worthless.
i don't need crappy people like that in my life. it feels so unbelievably amazing and liberating to finally delete him from my life. its far past due. i hope i never have to deal with his lying, disrespectful, immature, selfish, dirty, sorry butt again. 

its a dang miracle everyone. 


ford vs chevy

all i need is some del taco and some good friends and my day is made. 
after me and shannon went to del taco, we went and visited my friend sexkitten6911. 
well, we ended up staying and talking so long, that shannon's car battery died.
with the help of sexkitten's truck, everything turned out okay.

and with a little effort, they figured it out.

and if you wonder why i call him sexkitten.... well that goes way back to four years ago when we met in art class. his nick name has stuck ever since. 


hey y'all

my mom came home from work today and she asked me, "did you hear about paula dean?" 
i thought she must have died or something, and that would have been heart breaking. trust me, ive been watching the food network since i was in 3rd grade. i thought i was a chef. anyway i told my mom, "no, what happened?"

she has diabetes. i couldn't help but laugh a little. 
im going to straight to hell. but HONESTLY, we all saw that one coming! she puts a freaking stick of butter in every dish she makes. 

i swear i will move.

y'all better sign this petition. i will be PISSED if they ruin my blog. not only will there be no blogger, there will be no pinterest. there will also be no tumblr. i will pack my bags and move to canada. there is no way i can do my homework without google and wikipedia. 

SIGN IT before my life is ruined. 


no speak americano

im not much of a rap fan, in fact i hate most all of it. just ask my friend sexkitten6911, when he turns on his eminem it makes me want to punch him right in the mouth. anyway, about a year ago i discovered sam adams. he has turned out to be the ONLY rap artist i can stand. plus he is way hot.
this song makes me want to dance. 


the man

who looks at an old man and says, "wow he is so hot."
i think the answer is no one. but there is one man in particular, that as he gets older, he gets sexier. he is the only exception to this rule. his name is tim mcgraw and i think he's hot.

mmm mmm. i love that man. 

deadly combination.

i go through life acting like i know what im doing. i have a plan and i have goals, and i intend on reaching them. since birth, i have been a planning person. since i was little, i have always needed to follow the plan. i get anxiety when things don't go according to plan or if there is no plan at all. so for me, life is a lot easier when i just plan things out. this also causes a lot of unnecessary stress in my life. i tend to plan so far ahead, i cant even concentrate on the now because im so busy planning the future. also with  being a planner, i am very much a worrier. these two things combined are a deadly combination. not only do i plan things for the future, i worry about the future. i worry about my future kids, a lot. and that's like ten years down the road. sometimes i worry so much that i create fake scenarios in my head that make me mad. i worry so much that i over think things and put myself in an automatic bad mood. this weekend i had a mini melt down. i realized for a quick second that i have no plan and i have absolutely no idea what the crap im doing with my life.  with no plans, comes lots of worry. i needed to take a step back and take a chill pill. there is no way i will ever be able to plan and prepare for every moment in my life. there is no possible way. i need to stop worrying so much. i cant control every freaking thing that happens to me. i cant control others, i cant control my friends. i need to stop being such a planning freak and concentrate more on the now.

"i don't know what my future holds, but i know who holds it"


free gifts

you know i really like someone when i start to buy them things. 
duck camouflage phone case.

for the record, he loved it.
in his words, "thats bad a**"

growing up sucks

i don't know what i want to do with my life. most days i wish i could stay this age forever. i love being seventeen, and i can tell being 18 is going to be pretty fun. honestly, i love my life right now. i've gotten rid of friends i don't need, and surrounded myself with people i love and care about. im just bracing myself for something to go wrong. my life has never been this good... and i feel like its too good to be true. anyway, i don't want to move away to utah state. i don't even know if i want to be a nurse. in fact, im pretty positive i don't want to go into nursing. but if i don't do nursing, what on earth will i do? i was always so sure of nursing that i never made a back up plan.... and now im lost. also, i don't even feel like going to utah state. i don't want to move away from home. i love my little town of pleasant grove. i love the people and my friends here. utah state is too far from home. i would go to uvu but im afraid i won't make any new friends because i'll be living at home. so here is the real question, do i stay at home and go to uvu and not make as many friends? or do i move away from home and leave everyone behind, and go to utah state and make a lot of friends? i don't even know.... im lost. screw college and everything about it. its weird how one day i can be so excited about moving out, and then the next day im a wreck about it. now seems like a good time to cry.. haha oh my.

dead things

this is what you get when you hang out with hicks and rednecks.
welcome to my life.

but wow, i sure do love my friends.
tonight was amazing in every way (: 


don't let your friends blog. sorry about that rambling post below. but in fact, my friend did hit his knee on my desk. in the process of kicking me, he missed and broke his kneecap instead. it was hilarious and i laughed for days. 


My  friend... broke his knee on my desk today!


you or may not know... im in love with jason aldean.
anyway, he sings this really great song called heaven. 
unfortunately it isn't jason's song. he just sings a cover of it.
oh, how i wish it was his though, he makes it sound so amazing. 
this is a live version, and its great.
its a really sweet song. 

"baby your all that i want, when your lying here in my arms. im finding it hard to believe were in heaven"


run run run.

hi, im melia and im a gym-aholic. i spend 2+ hours at the gym a night. the gym is my home away from home. its my stress reliever, its my punching bag and its my therapy. without being able to run, i would be lost. being able to run for as long as i want is the best thing since pancakes. i was raised this way. i have a dad that goes to the gym twice a day. i have a mom that goes running every morning and goes to yoga every night. i have a brother who does not work out, but is skinnier than anyone else on this planet. working out runs in my blood and i love it. there is nothing better than feeling that adrenaline pump through my veins as im finishing my last lap. there is nothing better than hearing my music blast through my head phones as i run. there is no better feeling than the anticipation of that first step onto the track. there is nothing better than that feeling of sore, stiff muscles the next day. call me crazy, but i love being covered in sweat. it means i worked my butt off. i love that feeling when my skin is cold, yet my heart rate is through the roof. what im trying to say is working out is the best. being in shape is the best.


that moment...

when you text jan hawke. 

i love having teacher's numbers in my phone. 
especially hers. she is my favorite. 
i have five classes with her this year. 


how amazing.

the greatest thing happened to me on pinterest today.... you might know that my two favorite foods are pancakes, and s'mores. (healthy i know.) anyway i was on pinterest and stumbled across this beauty. 

s'more pancakes with marshmallow syrup.



i like boys who...

 truly the hottest thing ever! mmm.
when boys put their hoods over their hats... i can't help but stare. 


saturday was a long day. i started out the morning bright and early with a breakfast from kneaders. only the best. then i screwed around for most of the day and didn't get ready until 3 in the afternoon. once i finally got my butt in gear, i went and hung out with miss shannon. being the saint that i am, i bought a 44oz of dr  pepper for sexkitten6911. me and shannon went and talked to him for a while and dropped off his drink. he cracks me up. after chatting with sexkitten, we wanted to go visit my friend shauny boy. shaun is from st george and he came up to utah valley to visit some family. so i called up shaun to get the address of where he was staying so i could come stop by and say hi. he was staying somewhere in the town of lehi. me and shannon spent a freaking hour and a half driving around trying to find shaun. it was an impossible task. after many phone calls and texts....we never found it. i learned that shaun is the absolute WORST person at giving directions. shaun, im sorry but this map makes no freaking sense.

 i concluded the night by watching insidious with kolton, sexkitten and friends. i learned that trying to sprint in cowboy boots is really hard. don't doorbell ditch unless you've got good shoes on.  

good news, my back is better so i will be able to go to the gym again starting on monday! finally. 



ugh. tonight blows. 
i wish my back was better so i could go run it off. 


hump day

today is a special day. want to know why? its hump day. 
that means that exactly one year ago today my big brother left for his mission. 
that means i have exactly 365 more days until i get to see him again. 

i can not wait! this year has flown by. i cant imagine how quick the next one will go. 
i love you and miss you palmer!

on another note, the absolute cutest thing happened at the hospital today. me and the nurse i was following walked into a patients room. a few of the patient's family members were in the room visiting. among them, was this little boy who looked around four years old. he was adorable. he had a black cowboy hat on, little tiny boots, wranglers and a button up shirt on. i couldn't stop looking at this little boy, he was so cute. he looked like a miniature jason aldean. well, the nurse i was with asked the little boy, "what do you want to do when you grow up?" the little boy said with a smile on his face, "i wanna ride buckin' bulls!" 

oh, i died. my heart melted right then and there. there is something about little cowboys that makes me so unbelievably happy. they are so adorable. you bet i will raise my son to be like that one day, little boots and all. 


its a fact.

i like men that smell like diesel. 

truly, it does. country music is my life. 
not just taylor swift, rascal flatts and lady a. 
im talking chris ledoux, george strait and alan jackson.
i have over 1,500 country songs on my ipod and dang proud. 

take a listen to this gem. this is the kinda country i listen to.