crappy nights

last night blew. 
do you ever have those nights where your with all your friends, but no one can get a long and everyone is just in a crappy mood the whole night? yeah that was last night. no one could decide what to do, so for six hours we moped around and felt sorry for ourselves. last night goes in the books for one night that i never want to repeat. we decided we wanted to go bowling, and after waiting in the bowling alley for an hour for midnight bowling to start, jayce decided he no longer wanted to bowl. so we left and went straight back home. talk about a waste of freaking time. 
not only was it a horrible night, i managed to run into every single person on this planet that i don't ever want to run into. it was such a waste of a friday night. 

the only remotely good part of the night is when when were driving around a corner and the door of jayce's truck flew open. shannon screamed and i seriously thought i saw my life flash before my eyes. i laughed so hard and the only thing jayce could manage to say was "well there goes my hinges!"

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