i went and test drove trucks with sex kitten today. it was a riot and a half. we felt like little kids on christmas. nothing makes me happier than big, sexy trucks. 
i wish kolt could have came with us, but poor kid's gotta work. 

i was doing so good at eating healthy, i lost three pounds. (YAY!) but today, zachary took me to mcdonalds while we were out. curse him. we both got something off the dollar menu and i felt horrible for eating fast food. THEN while we were test driving trucks, my momma called me and offered costa vida. honestly, how could i pass up an offer like that? so yes i had mcdonalds AND costa vida in one day. i feel like 2000 pounds.

yes, i did go out in public looking like that. im sure zach is embarrassed to be seen with me looking like that, but bless his heart he puts up with it. 
 the hood of the truck was level with my head. it was HUGE and i freaking loved it! 

you shoulda heard her purr when zach gassed the sucker. 
it sounded so amazing. 

thats sexkitten's "oh my gosh, this is amazing, i can't believe this is happening" look. 

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