growing up sucks

i don't know what i want to do with my life. most days i wish i could stay this age forever. i love being seventeen, and i can tell being 18 is going to be pretty fun. honestly, i love my life right now. i've gotten rid of friends i don't need, and surrounded myself with people i love and care about. im just bracing myself for something to go wrong. my life has never been this good... and i feel like its too good to be true. anyway, i don't want to move away to utah state. i don't even know if i want to be a nurse. in fact, im pretty positive i don't want to go into nursing. but if i don't do nursing, what on earth will i do? i was always so sure of nursing that i never made a back up plan.... and now im lost. also, i don't even feel like going to utah state. i don't want to move away from home. i love my little town of pleasant grove. i love the people and my friends here. utah state is too far from home. i would go to uvu but im afraid i won't make any new friends because i'll be living at home. so here is the real question, do i stay at home and go to uvu and not make as many friends? or do i move away from home and leave everyone behind, and go to utah state and make a lot of friends? i don't even know.... im lost. screw college and everything about it. its weird how one day i can be so excited about moving out, and then the next day im a wreck about it. now seems like a good time to cry.. haha oh my.

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Batash said...

I honestly believe you can make as many friends at home going to UVU as you can going to Utah State. It's all a matter of putting yourself out there and being willing to do so.
I have friends who have gone to state who have next to no new friends. That's because they weren't willing to make an effort. It's the same thing here.
Praying about it always is the best thing to do. I know how scary it is coming to the graduation point and not having a clue what to do with yourself. I was there trust me. Follow your heart, and use your head. You'll be just fine:)