here we go

sorry for that post below, yet again my friend got onto blogger. my friends think they are hilarious. anyway, ive seen a lot of talk about getting in shape and becoming healthy. it makes me happy. im glad that you guys are starting to enjoy the same thing i've been enjoying for a few years. here is the problem though, yeah im in shape but i eat like crap. seriously if i ate halfway decent i would actually lose some weight. i mean i work out plenty, i just don't eat right. im sure you all know that its really hard to eat right. ive been telling myself forever that im going to start eating healthy. guess what? its never happened. and this weight isnt just going to lose itself. i need to change my ways. you think it should be easy for me since my daddy is the biggest health nut, but its actually really hard to eat right. so here it goes, im going to try my hardest to eat right. my goal is to lose ten pounds by my 18th birthday. maybe that goal is far fetched, but im going to try my very best. with the help of my daddy, im going to do this no matter how hard it is. but, no goal goes anywhere without some plans. so i have set some rules for myself so i can get this ball rolling. 

melia's rules for a healthier life:
no food after 9
absolutely no soda
no endless snacking
drink protein shake after workout
always carry water bottle with you
no fast food on weekdays
less candy
eat slower and eat on smaller plates
watch portion sizes
figure out the difference between hunger/boredom. 

alright, so there are my rules. im going to stick by these. 
im going to eat healthier starting today.
here i go. 


kelci r said...

i started a new workout plan last week! good luck to you! :)

Shaun Cook said...

i started a new... or maybe its the same..deep friend and soda diet.. seems to be doing okay...