hump day

today is a special day. want to know why? its hump day. 
that means that exactly one year ago today my big brother left for his mission. 
that means i have exactly 365 more days until i get to see him again. 

i can not wait! this year has flown by. i cant imagine how quick the next one will go. 
i love you and miss you palmer!

on another note, the absolute cutest thing happened at the hospital today. me and the nurse i was following walked into a patients room. a few of the patient's family members were in the room visiting. among them, was this little boy who looked around four years old. he was adorable. he had a black cowboy hat on, little tiny boots, wranglers and a button up shirt on. i couldn't stop looking at this little boy, he was so cute. he looked like a miniature jason aldean. well, the nurse i was with asked the little boy, "what do you want to do when you grow up?" the little boy said with a smile on his face, "i wanna ride buckin' bulls!" 

oh, i died. my heart melted right then and there. there is something about little cowboys that makes me so unbelievably happy. they are so adorable. you bet i will raise my son to be like that one day, little boots and all. 

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