its a great day.

its a great day for me and my man jason aldean. first of all, when i got in my car this morning, the first thing i heard was jason's beautiful voice on my radio. it always makes the drive to school a lot more enjoyable when he is singing to me. when i got to first period, i put in my headphones and listened to jason aldean for the whole period. i had a mini jason aldean concert in my head. i even sang out loud in the middle of class. its so hard not to sing when im listening to jason, i just cant control myself. THEN when i got in my car again to go home for lunch, you'll never guess what happened. jason was on the radio AGAIN! he sang to me on my way home from school too. any day that includes jason aldean is a good day. as if this day couldnt get any  better, it did. i logged on facebook and the first thing i see is a video of jason on my dash. he told me that he got nominated for six (SIX!?!) ACM awards. my boy is going to take home the gold, im telling ya. i love that man so freaking much its unreal. 
anyway, its just been a real good day for me and my boy. im happy for him! 

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