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i love the walmart five dollar movie bin. i always find real gems in there. i found pure country and walk the line. such good movies. once i attempted to watch pure country at kolts house but i fell right asleep because i was all jacked up on pain medication. 

speaking of walk the line, this movie makes me so thankful for johnny cash. i really love the man in black. i wish he was still alive. "hello, im johnny cash" 

you know your old when you get excited over a new vacuum cleaner. i spent two and a half hours vacuuming the whole house i was so excited. 

im still mad i didn't go to the brad paisley concert. 

to top off an amazing day of five dollar movies, new vacuums and johnny cash, i went to zupas. i love that place. 

did you notice that the days are getting longer? summer is just around the corner i can feel it. 

im going four wheeling for my 18th birthday. only 128 days.

i got straight A's second term. that means ive had a 4.0 GPA all year. 

im done with these rambling thoughts. im off to watch pure country. 

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jessica said...

pure country... that movie brings back serious memories.