kinda like splash mountain

that awkward/awesome moment when your ex boyfriend pulls up and your sitting next to a man that is 100 times better than him. 

oh, what? yeah this happened to me tonight. i ran into my ex josh. good thing i was sitting right next to kolton in the middle of his truck. y'all shoulda seen the look on his face. i even waved at  him to be nice. that pissed him off even more. i have waited for that moment my entire life. no, not really my entire life but i cant explain how much joy it brought me to show him how much better i can do than him. it was a glorious moment. thank goodness for boys like kolton. 

also, i missed the brad paisley concert tonight which i am way bummed about but i ate my weight in peach-os and hung out with mister kolton so i guess that makes up for it. when kolt was driving me home tonight, every SINGLE radio station was playing a brad paisley song. it made my heart die a little inside. so we turned off the radio and the boys rapped some eminem for me. those boys and their eminem... drives me nuts. oh well, it was a good night regardless. 

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