a new story.

welcome 2012. i am ready for you. 2011 was wonderful, so lets try to top it.
also, welcome new blog title. i love you already.
i decided to change my blog title to my nickname because it fits me and this blog perfectly and the old one wasn't cutting it. a lot of people call  me LC. which you might have figured out, stands for little country. i got this nick name about 3 years ago when one of my good friends randomly called me by little country one night. at the time,  my friend's nick name was big country. he passed the nick name down to me, but called me little country instead. he then decided it was too long and shortened it to LC. since then its stuck. i love it, and if you know me, you know it fits me perfectly. 

my goals for this year are:
be happy
be healthy
be organized
and be positive

momma got me a daily planner with my name on it.
i guess i can be organized now. 

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