tonight was much better than last night. 
i went on a double date with mister kolton (: 
we went and saw contraband, which is a good movie i thought. the ending was SO good. 
after the movie, we were looking for something to do. we drove past ihop, so i suggested we go there because we had nothing better to do. i don't know what it is about ihop, but whenever i go there i end up laughing so hard. i had tears in my eyes basically the whole time. and in case your wondering, i had chocolate chip pancakes. i was going to pay for mine and kolt's food since it was my idea to go to ihop but right at the last moment kolton came and gave the cashier his card. we stood there at the cash register and fought over who was going to pay and finally the cashier took kolton's card. he is such a gentleman, its nice for a change. 
after that we drove around and listened to music, which is my favorite thing to do. and while we were at it, me and kolt polished off two whole bags of peach-os. we love those things. 

all around a great night. i love spending time with my favorite people. 

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