run run run.

hi, im melia and im a gym-aholic. i spend 2+ hours at the gym a night. the gym is my home away from home. its my stress reliever, its my punching bag and its my therapy. without being able to run, i would be lost. being able to run for as long as i want is the best thing since pancakes. i was raised this way. i have a dad that goes to the gym twice a day. i have a mom that goes running every morning and goes to yoga every night. i have a brother who does not work out, but is skinnier than anyone else on this planet. working out runs in my blood and i love it. there is nothing better than feeling that adrenaline pump through my veins as im finishing my last lap. there is nothing better than hearing my music blast through my head phones as i run. there is no better feeling than the anticipation of that first step onto the track. there is nothing better than that feeling of sore, stiff muscles the next day. call me crazy, but i love being covered in sweat. it means i worked my butt off. i love that feeling when my skin is cold, yet my heart rate is through the roof. what im trying to say is working out is the best. being in shape is the best.

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Emily said...

I love to run too. Sometimes my family wonders if I got lost... Haha :)