saturday was a long day. i started out the morning bright and early with a breakfast from kneaders. only the best. then i screwed around for most of the day and didn't get ready until 3 in the afternoon. once i finally got my butt in gear, i went and hung out with miss shannon. being the saint that i am, i bought a 44oz of dr  pepper for sexkitten6911. me and shannon went and talked to him for a while and dropped off his drink. he cracks me up. after chatting with sexkitten, we wanted to go visit my friend shauny boy. shaun is from st george and he came up to utah valley to visit some family. so i called up shaun to get the address of where he was staying so i could come stop by and say hi. he was staying somewhere in the town of lehi. me and shannon spent a freaking hour and a half driving around trying to find shaun. it was an impossible task. after many phone calls and texts....we never found it. i learned that shaun is the absolute WORST person at giving directions. shaun, im sorry but this map makes no freaking sense.

 i concluded the night by watching insidious with kolton, sexkitten and friends. i learned that trying to sprint in cowboy boots is really hard. don't doorbell ditch unless you've got good shoes on.  

good news, my back is better so i will be able to go to the gym again starting on monday! finally. 


missijay said...

Ahhhhh insidious.......fml. never again.

Shaun Cook said...

hahahahaha it makes sense to me