secret notes

i have these boots, i wear them all the time. they are roxy military boots and they have pockets on the side of them.

this is what they look like. 

well, i was sitting in chemistry today next to my friend kolten. not to be confused with mister kolton. anyway, i  was sitting there minding my own business when kolten slipped a folded note into the pocket on my boot. when i got to my next class, i opened up the pocket and took out the note. this is what i found. 

"dear melia, you are so beautiful and amazing! no one could ever be as perfect as you. i love you with all my heart and i will always love you forever and ever!" with lots of little hearts included. and yes, that is a picture of a dog. kolten loves dogs. i read this note and i laughed so hard. i love that kid. 

his secret note basically made my day. 

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