all i need is family, friends, music and nature.
honest to goodness, that's all i want out of my life. 
i don't want the most "likes" on facebook. i don't want to be popular or have tons of friends. i don't want the biggest house or the nicest car. i don't want to have the nicest clothes, or the cutest hair style. 
i don't want it and i don't need it. 
i live a simple life, really. i have my few friends that i can count on one hand that i love to death. and i have my family who means the world to me. i have the mountains right behind me and honestly, thats all i will ever need. i do what makes me happy. i don't care what others think of me. i don't feel that ugly need to be accepted by everyone. i figure if i don't know them, why care what they think about me? i don't care about popularity, or being in the "now." i live my life the way i want to, and i live it simply. 
i am happy. 

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