whats in the purse

i got this idea from sabrina. she is genius. 

i am a pack rat when it comes to my purse. when im trying to find something, i have to dig around for about five minutes before i find it. even ask my friends, its a problem. welcome to the secret life of my purse. i really need to clean it out. 
1. the only thing i drink is water, and i constantly have a bottle near me.
2. life saver mints. these thing are a hit when you are with a group of people. me and my friends love them. especially zach. me and him eat them non stop.
3. my keys. gotta drive and get in my house somehow
4. a comb, so i can brush my wild lion hair when the windows are rolled down.
5. pencil & utah state pen.
6. tampons. lady problems. 
7. headphones. im always listening to country
8. my wallet. also stores my debit card, costa card & kneaders card.
9. check register. so i can keep track of my money.
10. costa vida receipt. its my favorite restaurant. i went there today!
11. my baby. or my ipod whatever you want to call it.
12. a key chain from hollywood that i haven't put on my keys yet
13. hand sanitizer from bath and body. thee best.
14. im a chap stick packer. im addicted to chap stick
15. gum. so i can have good breath when i kiss people....
16. flash drive. don't even know why that's in there
17. advil & excedrine migraine. im really good at getting headaches
18. midol. for that fun week of the month.
19. hair ties. for when i really need to get down to business... haha

not pictured:
my phone with this man's beautiful face on it. 

this is my browning key chain. its broken and it makes me sad. 

and i swear on my grave, this is the BEST smell hand sanitizer out there. buy some.

and there you have it. the inside of my purse. 

p.s. nascar is on right this moment. and im watching it. i freaking love daytona.


a man

i want a man that will treat me with respect. one that will take me on drives to look at christmas lights. one that will make me feel safe & secure. i want a man that will take me to the mountains, and enjoy a day with me four wheeling and fishing. i want someone i can take camping, and talk to for hours around a fire. i want a man that i can spoil to no end. i want a man that will sing songs with me in the truck, and act silly. i want him to tell me when songs remind him of me. i want someone who will kiss my forehead and hug me from behind. i want a man that is a gentleman, who knows how to cook chocolate chip pancakes. i want a man who will cuddle me when im sick, and who will kiss me better. i want someone who will hold me when i cry and tell me things will be okay. i want a man that will drop everything when i need him. i want a man that will support me and stick by my side. i want a man that will let me sit in the middle of his truck and put his arm around me. i want a man that will dance in the kitchen with me. i want a man that will watch walk the line with me, and take me to the rodeo. i want someone who will open my door, and teach me new things. i want a man that will include me in things he loves to do. i want him to make me feel wanted. i want someone that will go to cabelas with me and take me to look at boots. i want a man that i can take to concerts. i want someone that enjoys long drives with the windows down and going on road trips. i want a man that is okay with spending saturday nights on the couch. i want a man that rocks a cowboy hat, and knows how to fix a car. i want someone that is good with kids, and puts his trust in the Lord. i want a man that can take me to the temple. most of all, i want someone who is my best friend that i can be my complete self around. i want someone that will make me laugh, and make me feel like im the only girl in the world. and you know what? one day im gunna find him. 

boogity boogity boogity 2012 edition

TODAY was supposed to be the Daytona 500. THE opening day of NASCAR season 2012. Today was supposed to be the great american race. TODAY was the first day ever in nascar history, that the daytona 500 was canceled. i cried a little bit. the race was canceled due to rain. unfortunately, the race will be held tomorrow, while im at school. im kinda pissed right now. what a lame way to start off the 2012 season. anyway, just thought i'd share my excitement and anticipation for this year's season. its bound to be good. i don't watch the superbowl, i don't have a favorite baseball team, and i don't care about hockey. nascar is the one sport that i watch, and i get excited about. so, get ready for more nascar filled posts. and hopefully, my boy june bug will come out on top this season. 

in other news, today would have been the man in black's 80th birthday.
happy birthday johnny cash, i love you. 


how pinteresting

i was on pinterest of course, and found this cute idea to try on my nails. 

i think they are gorgeous! i have that exact shade of essie nail polish, and its my absolute favorite nail polish ever! it is such a pretty color. anyway, i tried out the idea last week, and i loved it! unfortunately, i didn't get around to taking a picture. i decided to change up the colors and this time i used a black from OPI. i think its awesome. 

squatch calls

last night was wild. i got with my two best friends, angie and shannon. when you put us three together, things get pretty crazy. seriously, we don't know how to handle ourselves when the three of us are confined together in small spaces. we are just too funny. it was a pretty great night and i think we spent six hours driving around in a car but we picked up some other friends a long the way and turned it into a party. the best part of the night was when we went sasquatch hunting up in the mountains... just about found one too. around midnight, we found ourselves in the walmart parking lot with nothing to do. so naturally, we started singing the moulin rouge soundtrack to matt at the top of our lungs. and by singing, i mean belting. pretty sure i lost my voice.... we ended the night with a fabulous rendition of bohemian rhapsody by queen. then we called it quits. 

life is looking good right now.. ive got a lot of fun things planned for the next few months before i head off to college. me and angie already made our bucket list.

oh, and brantley gilbert concert on june 14th. you bet your sweet cheeks i'll be there. 


beautiful place.

and that is why i go to the mountains. 
i thank God every day for making such beautiful things.
i mean really, we live in the most beautiful place in the world. we are surrounded by mountains. no matter where i go, i can always see the mountains out a window. every time im driving, i see mountains. the best thing is walking out of a building and seeing mountains. seriously, we are so lucky.
have you ever just stopped and looked at those things? 
don't take them for granted, they are breathtaking. 


fights in dland

how i plan to spend my life:

1. marry my best friend
2. have many adventures camping & four wheeling
3. spend as much time as i can in the mountains
4. have cute kids
5. share my love for the outdoors with my kids 
6. go four wheeling & camping lots with my family
7. eat all the s’mores possible 
8. teach my kids to fish and do things they love
9. spend as much time as possible around a campfire
10. eat lots of good food
11. go on dates with my best friend until i die
12. attend as many concerts as possible
13. raise a cute little, happy family
14. teach my kids to be respectful, responsible humans

and i will live happily ever after, the end. 

p.s. did y'all hear about the fight that broke out in my beloved california adventure? not acceptable. some stupid man, went on a wild rampage right in front of the tower of terror. i saw the video on msnbc news, and it made me sick. the man had a tree trunk up his butt about something, and took it out on all of the tower of terror workers. once the sweet disneyland security showed up, he freaked out some more and knocked the security guard to the ground. the video made me sick. i would stab the persons eyes that acted like that in the happiest place on earth. i pity that man. not only was he making a huge scene, he was acing like a jack wagon in front of little kids. walt would be ashamed. im sure he rolled over in his grave. i am appalled
in other disneyland news, i am going to disneyland in a month. with my best friend. yeeehaw. 


it aint me, babe

ive got a new favorite movie. 
walk the line. ive probably watched it three times in the last week. 
best movie ive seen in a long time. maybe its just because i find the lead actor extremely attractive. thats probably it. maybe its the way that joaquin phoenix's voice & reese witherspoon's voice harmonize together perfectly. either way, its a great movie about johnny cash and im in love. ive found myself humming johnny cash's tunes a lot recently since ive watched this movie. someday im going to find a love like johnny and june. and it will be wonderful. but in the mean time, you can listen to this song from the movie. its been stuck in my head real bad.

p.s. every time i try to load pictures onto my blog, it says that my web albums are full and i cant load any more pictures. when i try to delete some pictures off my web album to make more room, it deletes them off my blog too. its really starting to piss me off. i wasnt even aware that i had a web album? anyone know how to fix this... 


GOOD NEWS! me and angie are going to disneyland for spring break. just the two of us.
more details to come later. 

i don't got much to talk about so i snatched this up from sabrina

Five things that irritate you about the opposite sex
lack of maturity
when they talk about boobs and how hot a girl is
when they don't show or share their feelings
when they check out other girls in front of me
when they don't act like gentlemen

The best thing that happened to you this week
bought a brad paisley cd, went to costa vida with angie, went to st george

Something you lied about
i don't lie because ive learned my lesson many times.
but i used to lie a lot about where i was when i was in junior high

Press CTRL + V
i shot a man in reno, just to watch him die

Something you regret
not doing concurrent enrollment 

Five ways to win your heart
make me laugh, sing to me, be a gentleman, make me feel important, take me on dates. 

Copy lyrics for your current mood or situation
"I can only change who I am so much, and all I can give is all my love. And my love ain't never been enough. So I ain't coming back. I've been there, done that."

Things you want to say to an ex
there is nothing i want to say to an ex. 

What you ate today
mcdonalds breakfast... bleckk. 

Music on shuffle and write down the first three songs
forever seventeen - tim mcgraw
blue marlin blues - george strait
keep the girl - jason aldean 

A problem you have
my life is a mess a problems. 

Five things you want to change
my car, where i live, my weight, a different phone and my college major. 

One thing your excited for
utah state university (:

Something you miss
hanging out with kolton every day during the summer. 


breath of fresh air

life is complicated and stressful sometimes. its good to take a break and step outside for a bit. being in nature is truly the only thing that clears my head and stops my brain from over-thinking. it is my therapy, and my home away from home. its nice to just be outside and breathe in all that open space. i love the outdoors.


ramblings from my life

there are crumbs in my bed. that is totally disgusting and probably one of my biggest pet peeves. so sick.

rascal flatts came out with a new single. its pretty decent. im not really a fan of rascal flatts but i'll give them points for trying. 

i spent two hours today hanging out with my ex-boyfriend's mom. the funny thing is, me and her son broke up over two years ago. me and her are still best friends. i don't talk to her son at all, but i talk to her a ton. i love that woman. 

i saw jason aldean's new music video for fly over states. it kinda sucked. 

im going to st george tomorrow. i'll be there until monday

me and sexkitten were driving down the road, having a normal conversation about ice cream. i said something along the lines of  "i love ice cream" right as i said that, there was a sign on the side of the road that said large cones, $1. zach yelled "its a sign!" we pulled in and got ice cream.

so recently, ive missed two concerts and im about to miss a third. i missed brad paisley & a couple days ago i missed lady antebellum. in march, miranda lambert is coming. too bad im freaking broke. im really craving a concert. 

as i was at said exboyfriends house, i saw two missionaries walking along the street. i wanted so badly to go out and hug them. it made me miss my brother so much. 

that's all.

and this picture made me smile.



it seems that most single people tend to hate valentines, while those who are in a relationship seem to love it. i mean it makes total sense to me. i for one, am not in a relationship. but, that doesn't mean i hate v-day. in fact, i really quite enjoy it. whether im single or not. only once in my life have i ever had a relationship on valentines day. that was six years ago in the 7th grade. i really don't mind if i have a boy to spoil me or not. my mom and grandma always give me valentines stuff which is just as good to me. i mean once im in a relationship, im sure i will love valentines day even more, but for now im perfectly content being single. i think it should be a wonderful day for everyone, single or not. but, i am excited for the day to come when i can spoil a guy i truly care about.
but for now, i will spend valentines with jason and have a jam out session while i wait for someone special to share the day with. 

look at him. mmm. 


saturday night was a wild one. neither me nor angie got asked to sweethearts, so we went on our own date. first we went to wingers, where we got a free asphalt pie. we then proceeded to do what we always do when were together, drive up the canyon. its a must. while me and angie were driving up the canyon, we spotted what we thought were two males around a campfire. we were being total creepers. after driving past these two males like 5 times, we finally stopped the car. we knew that we had to talk to them, because what if one of the guys turned out to be my soul mate. we just couldn't risk it. two girls talking to two men in the dark where there is no service, talk about a dumb idea. me and angie are super smart. anyway, we stopped the car in the middle of the road and i had no idea what to say to these guys, they already thought we were weird for driving past a million times. i yelled out the window, "are you guys from pleasant grove?" i really didn't know what else to say. then we heard a woman reply, "no." i started laughing so hard and i told them i thought they were someone else. real smooth melia, real smooth. the two guys i tried hitting on turned out to be a boy and a girl. awkward. me and angie laughed about it the rest of the night. we ended up driving around for the next 2 hours. we found ourselves in lehi, don't ask me how we got there. we were on the back roads in the middle of no where driving through all the farms. we were pretty lost. out of no where the most powerful and overwhelming smell of  horse poop came over us. we were literally gagging in the car and we couldn't breathe. not being able to breathe and laughing super hard turns out to be a really bad combination. i thought i was dying. the poop smell stayed in the car all night long, it was horrible. lehi needs to fix their nasty problem, its getting out of hand. we ended the night by going over to angie's boyfriends house. he lives in lehi. we spent the next hour watching chris ledoux music videos on the big screen. it was awesome. and that was the end of our wild night out. 

p.s. do i watch the walking dead tonight? or do i watch my boy jason preform at the grammys... really this might be the hardest decision ive ever had to make. im torn. 


s'more 101

the s'more. such a delectable treat, yet so versatile. the s'more is my favorite food, and i consider myself quite the s'more connoisseur. over my years of experience, i have tried and come up with many different ways to eat the s'more. of course, there is always the classic way of eating a s'more. chocolate, marshmellow and gram cracker, but the s'more has so much more to offer than just the plain ol' classic. i've spent many hours and long nights around the dying embers of a fire and i have tried many, many variations of the s'more. 

first and foremost, my favorite s'more recipe, the nutella s'more.
yes i said nutella. 
get the gram crackers and spread each one with nutella. 
set the grams by the fire so the nutella can get all melt-y while you roast your marshmellow.
then, prepare yourself for the most magical combination to ever reach your tastebuds.

next, we have my 2nd favorite s'more variation. the reese's peanut butter s'more.
get the large peanut butter cups, not the little one in gold wrappers. im talking the big ol' cups.
set the grams with the peanut butter cups on them by the fire so the reese's can melt while you roast your marshmellow.
then enjoy the delicious combination.

3rd, we have the poptart s'more. this is for the seriously lazy people. but i'd be lying if i said ive never tried it. 
just buy s'mores flavored poptarts and stick some roasted marshmellows between the two. its definitely not my favorite of the bunch, but it gets the job done. just set the poptart by the fire so they can get warm. 

other variations also include: 
- instead of using gram crackers, use two rice krispy treats to hold it all together
- instead of using normal milk chocolate, use the cookies & cream chocolate bars
- if your going for something fancy, add a few raspberries or sliced strawberies to your melted delight
- if your feeling super lazy, scratch the grams and chocolate. use keebler fudge striped cookies.

melia's tips to a perfect s'more:
- always, always set your chocolate by the fire while you roast your marshmellow. nothing is worse than eating cold hard chocolate with your roasted marshmellow. kill two birds with one stone and let the chocolate melt on the gram cracker while you cook your mallow. 
- the more burnt, the better. 
- if it tastes like campfire, your definitely doing it right.
- don't be afraid of a little dirt or ash. it just adds to the flavor. i cant tell you how many times i've eaten a gram cracker covered with dirt or had my marshmellow touch the ashes. its dark outside anyway, you can't tell what your eating. 
-and remember, they taste better if they are messy.

i hope this was informative and beneficial to all of you. may all of your wildest s'more & campfire dreams come true. i hope you use these variations in your near future. feel free to follow my s'more board on pinterest. http://pinterest.com/missmelia/s-mores/

i really can't believe i just spent a half hour writting about s'mores. 


lame weekend

im really starting to dread the weekends. they aren't enjoyable to me anymore. my so called friends, don't really act like my friends anymore. they don't ask me to hang out on weekends anymore. the people i do ask to hang out, ignore me. and the one single person that actually wants to hang out with me, is someone im not very fond of. so for a whole 3 days i sit and think about life. when i am alone for too long, my thoughts start to take over and they eat at me. and that, is why i hate the weekends. i sit in my own misery that ive created. i think ill watch the office and eat ice cream since there isn't anything better do to. honestly, ive got a feeling that this is going to be another miserable weekend. i really need to find a new group of people to hang out with before i drive myself crazy. you really think id get used to this by now. but every weekend im reminded how much it sucks not to have  anyone to hang out with. college can not come fast enough. 


midnight movie

im going to see the midnight premiere of the vow tonight. im supaa excited. ive always thought channing tatum was attractive. im also a sucker for a good chick flick. i'll probably cry. especially since the situation im in right now with my life... im sure the movie will make me sad. sometimes i really hate relationships and men.  life is rough sometimes. but im trying to be positive about it. its easier said than done. 


fly over states

i was driving my poor old jeep, when one of my most favorite jason aldean songs came on the radio. my heart sank. ususally, hearing jason on the radio is a wonderful thing. but not this song. the song is called fly over states, and its absolutely wonderful. when i sing this song, my heart feels fuzzy and i become instantly happy. my homeboy jason is releasing the song as his new single. that means only one thing. it will be played over and over again on the radio. and we all know how that goes over. we hear it a million times, get sick of it and hate it because the radio over-plays it. another thing will happen, everyone will instantaneously decide that it is their new favorite song, because they have heard it a million times on the radio. the song fly over states is like a little gem to me. its not a very popular jason aldean song, and i like to hold on to it like its a little gift. im sure you all have those songs, you know, the ones that you love and nobody else really knows about it. the ones that haven't been killed on the radio and aren't popular. you like to hold onto those songs because they are special to you. the song fly over states is special to me. and its about to get killed by the radio. now im not the only one who loves this song, but its about to be ruined by the radio and its going to be much more popular than it is now. i love jason, but i hate that he is making this song his single. i know that this post is absolutely stupid to all of you, but i have a passion for jason aldean's music and its a big deal to me. 

with a windshield sunset in your eyes, like a watercolor painted sky
this song makes me want to go on a long road trip across the country.


sunday night drives

im still trying to get over my horrid weekend. i think ive mostly recovered. sunday night i was feeling pretty down. i had wanted to go to the mountains all day, because thats my favorite spot to think. at 9:30 on sunday night, me and my best friend angie went on a spontaneous drive. of  course, we ended up driving up the canyon. the whole entire way up the canyon i told angie about my horrible weekend and she just sat there and listened. sometimes that is all people need. to just talk, and have someone listen without saying anything. i got all the scattered thoughts out of my mind. once we got to the lake, we got out of the car and stood there on the snow banks and looked out over the lake. it was gorgeous. it was dark outside, with a full moon. the moon reflected off the water and snow. i stood there for a while and took some deep breaths of fresh air. the mountains are therapeutic. i felt much better instantly. on the drive back home, we blasted jason aldean and i sung at the top of my lungs. i returned home feeling much better. there is something about best friends, the mountains, jason aldean and chocolate that just make everything better. 
i snapped a few pictures of the eerie night up in the mountains.


my second home is calling

i want to take my camping chair and my smore's and move to the mountains. i want to sit. and not move. for a long time. the mountains will forever be my favorite place. the mountains are quiet, and they are peaceful. the mountains don't annoy me. they don't talk when i want quiet. the mountains are my therapy. im serious. its the only place where i can literally get away from the world, and all the people. its the only place where i am completely and totally content. i wish i could live in the mountains. there is nothing more peaceful than just sitting and listening to absolutely nothing. i want to sit with someone that cares about me and talk forever. and i don't ever want to leave the mountains. ever. i don't need any of this "stuff." i just need a camping chair, people i care about, and the trees. seriously, i need to go up there and sit. i need to think. its the only place in the world where i don't have a single distraction. i am in love with the mountains. 

finding beauty in negative spaces

last night could have possibly been one of the worst nights of my life. for an entire six hours, not a word was spoken to me from the person i wanted to hear from most. i could have not felt more unloved or unwanted. the expression, "being alone in a crowded room" could not have been more clear to me last night. i felt so alone, and so ignored the entire night. honestly, walking home sounded like a better idea than staying where i was. i don't want to go into details, but me and a person that means a whole lot to me were not getting along. when me and zach finally left, i sat in his truck on the way home and tried my hardest not to cry in front of him. i had to stop talking because i knew if i didn't, i would start to cry. i thought it was over. here i am this morning, thinking over last night trying to remind myself that it was only a bad day, not a bad life. this morning i am thankful for tight hugs from the person i thought didn't want me anymore. i am thankful for late night conversations, where feelings are shared and problems are worked out. i am thankful for apologies and reassurances. i am thankful for zachary, who listens to me whine and feel sorry for myself. i am thankful that even after last night, me and the boy are still best friends. last night was so horrible, but im thankful that we could work it out and in the end bring us closer together. and don't worry, our plans to go four wheeling on my 18th birthday are still going to happen. crisis averted. 

on a brighter note, two positive things did happen last night.
first, i broke a million points in temple run. 
second, i got to test drive my dream truck. 



sometimes i wish life was a little easier. im tired of being so confused. i wish i could get some answers, but the thing is, i know im not going to get the answers i want. im tired of getting screwed over. i have to keep reminding myself that things will get better. im moving in august, and honestly im so ready for this change. i need a fresh start. im ready to leave this all behind. you know things have gotten bad when going for a five mile run no longer helps you feel better. 

today this song fits my mood perfectly:

its just a bad day. not a bad life. 


if you knew me

if you really knew me.. you would know that i literally get tears in my eyes when i talk about jason aldean. i never knew that i could fall so in love with a person that has no idea i exist. every time i hear a song of his, i have to sing. if you really knew me, you would know that a certain cowboy from lehi makes me extremely happy. you would know that every time i talk about him i get a giant smile on my face. if you really knew me, you would know that i love candy. especially peach-os and sour gummy worms. you would know that i hate the cold and snow, yet im moving to the coldest place in utah. you would know that im afraid of being home alone and im afraid of the dark. you would know that i am the most impatient person on the planet, and i must plan every single detail of my life. you would also know that i never want to live outside of utah, and i want to live in a small town. you would know that i don't like people in general, and i can't stand my high school. and its not because of senioritis. you would know that i don't care what people think or say about me. you would know that i am comfortable in my own skin. you would also know that nothing brings me more happiness than being in the mountains far away from people. i love to be as far away from any civilization as possible. i love being with  my friends in the middle of no where. its so peaceful. you would know that i eat costa vida every week, that i love my big brother, that i only listen to country music. you would know that i get annoyed super easily, at almost anything. you would also know that i have a terrible fear that i will never get married. if you really knew me, you know that i am always in a bad mood at school. that i cant wait for the second that bell rings to let me go home. you would know that i look forward to the weekend all week, because that's when i get to see him. he gives me butterflies. you would know that i love holding his hand and sitting in the middle of his truck. if you knew me you would know i hate peas and avocados.  you would know that i love being with my friends, at any time possible. i would drop what i was doing to go hang out with my friends, but i don't think they would do the same for me. if you really knew me..... 

there is a lot to me. sometimes i wish people took the time to understand me. i think people are intimidated of me, and honestly it sucks. 

the move

this is the hottest thing ive ever seen. sorry to any of you boys who read this, but luke bryan is undeniably attractive. and i must admit, he has got some dang nice legs.
ohmygoodness i love him. i mean REALLY, how could you not find this attractive!?

i love how all the girls go buck wild once he does "the move."
i'd be going crazy too if i were there! my gosh. 


winter time

tonight i went to soldier hollow to go tubing. if you've never been, i highly suggest it. its the best winter activity around. i almost died...from laughing so hard. me and shelby ended up making friends with just about every single person that works there. by the end of the night we were all hanging out and messing around with the employees. i wish i could work there, its awesome. i told kolton i am taking him there on a date, because it is just that good. my favorite was when me and shelby laid down on our stomachs and went down the mountain. my face was covered in snow by the time i got down to the bottom. i seriously couldn't breathe because i was laughing so hard. and the best part? you don't have to drag your tube back up the mountain every time. you just hook your tube on a machine and it pulls you up the mountain. i love being lazy.