boogity boogity boogity 2012 edition

TODAY was supposed to be the Daytona 500. THE opening day of NASCAR season 2012. Today was supposed to be the great american race. TODAY was the first day ever in nascar history, that the daytona 500 was canceled. i cried a little bit. the race was canceled due to rain. unfortunately, the race will be held tomorrow, while im at school. im kinda pissed right now. what a lame way to start off the 2012 season. anyway, just thought i'd share my excitement and anticipation for this year's season. its bound to be good. i don't watch the superbowl, i don't have a favorite baseball team, and i don't care about hockey. nascar is the one sport that i watch, and i get excited about. so, get ready for more nascar filled posts. and hopefully, my boy june bug will come out on top this season. 

in other news, today would have been the man in black's 80th birthday.
happy birthday johnny cash, i love you. 

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