GOOD NEWS! me and angie are going to disneyland for spring break. just the two of us.
more details to come later. 

i don't got much to talk about so i snatched this up from sabrina

Five things that irritate you about the opposite sex
lack of maturity
when they talk about boobs and how hot a girl is
when they don't show or share their feelings
when they check out other girls in front of me
when they don't act like gentlemen

The best thing that happened to you this week
bought a brad paisley cd, went to costa vida with angie, went to st george

Something you lied about
i don't lie because ive learned my lesson many times.
but i used to lie a lot about where i was when i was in junior high

Press CTRL + V
i shot a man in reno, just to watch him die

Something you regret
not doing concurrent enrollment 

Five ways to win your heart
make me laugh, sing to me, be a gentleman, make me feel important, take me on dates. 

Copy lyrics for your current mood or situation
"I can only change who I am so much, and all I can give is all my love. And my love ain't never been enough. So I ain't coming back. I've been there, done that."

Things you want to say to an ex
there is nothing i want to say to an ex. 

What you ate today
mcdonalds breakfast... bleckk. 

Music on shuffle and write down the first three songs
forever seventeen - tim mcgraw
blue marlin blues - george strait
keep the girl - jason aldean 

A problem you have
my life is a mess a problems. 

Five things you want to change
my car, where i live, my weight, a different phone and my college major. 

One thing your excited for
utah state university (:

Something you miss
hanging out with kolton every day during the summer. 

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bina said...

Yay! haha I'm glad someone did it and man those ALL bug me when guys do those things. Oh man I could tell you stories. I also like the five things to win you over those were cute :)