fly over states

i was driving my poor old jeep, when one of my most favorite jason aldean songs came on the radio. my heart sank. ususally, hearing jason on the radio is a wonderful thing. but not this song. the song is called fly over states, and its absolutely wonderful. when i sing this song, my heart feels fuzzy and i become instantly happy. my homeboy jason is releasing the song as his new single. that means only one thing. it will be played over and over again on the radio. and we all know how that goes over. we hear it a million times, get sick of it and hate it because the radio over-plays it. another thing will happen, everyone will instantaneously decide that it is their new favorite song, because they have heard it a million times on the radio. the song fly over states is like a little gem to me. its not a very popular jason aldean song, and i like to hold on to it like its a little gift. im sure you all have those songs, you know, the ones that you love and nobody else really knows about it. the ones that haven't been killed on the radio and aren't popular. you like to hold onto those songs because they are special to you. the song fly over states is special to me. and its about to get killed by the radio. now im not the only one who loves this song, but its about to be ruined by the radio and its going to be much more popular than it is now. i love jason, but i hate that he is making this song his single. i know that this post is absolutely stupid to all of you, but i have a passion for jason aldean's music and its a big deal to me. 

with a windshield sunset in your eyes, like a watercolor painted sky
this song makes me want to go on a long road trip across the country.


bina said...

Oh man I understand that so well its unfair haha I liked Plain White T's before anyone knew about them and now I can't even listen to them! :(

jessica said...

you and me both, girl.
this has been my favorite song of his since the my kinda party album came out...
and now this.

can we go kill something now?

carlee ellen said...

yup. i feel ya.

if it makes ya feel any better, i liked this song before the radio will kill it too.