it aint me, babe

ive got a new favorite movie. 
walk the line. ive probably watched it three times in the last week. 
best movie ive seen in a long time. maybe its just because i find the lead actor extremely attractive. thats probably it. maybe its the way that joaquin phoenix's voice & reese witherspoon's voice harmonize together perfectly. either way, its a great movie about johnny cash and im in love. ive found myself humming johnny cash's tunes a lot recently since ive watched this movie. someday im going to find a love like johnny and june. and it will be wonderful. but in the mean time, you can listen to this song from the movie. its been stuck in my head real bad.

p.s. every time i try to load pictures onto my blog, it says that my web albums are full and i cant load any more pictures. when i try to delete some pictures off my web album to make more room, it deletes them off my blog too. its really starting to piss me off. i wasnt even aware that i had a web album? anyone know how to fix this... 

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