lame weekend

im really starting to dread the weekends. they aren't enjoyable to me anymore. my so called friends, don't really act like my friends anymore. they don't ask me to hang out on weekends anymore. the people i do ask to hang out, ignore me. and the one single person that actually wants to hang out with me, is someone im not very fond of. so for a whole 3 days i sit and think about life. when i am alone for too long, my thoughts start to take over and they eat at me. and that, is why i hate the weekends. i sit in my own misery that ive created. i think ill watch the office and eat ice cream since there isn't anything better do to. honestly, ive got a feeling that this is going to be another miserable weekend. i really need to find a new group of people to hang out with before i drive myself crazy. you really think id get used to this by now. but every weekend im reminded how much it sucks not to have  anyone to hang out with. college can not come fast enough. 


Batash said...

Maybe you shouldn't focus so much on having people to hang out with. Personally as I've grown up I've realized my family is the most fun people to hang around with and the people you can really count on. Go to a movie with your mom, or just hang out with her, or do a daddy daughter night.
just a suggestion:)
ps. I think the office and ice cream sounds like great fun:)

Kelsey said...

this is my life. everyday, as a non-college student, with no job.


carlee ellen said...

i had those weekends all the time in high school. like, all the time.

they say that the friends you are with in college are the ones that stay forever - and i'd say thats true. well, a few at least. not everyone will stay, but thats where you'll find your true friends.

just hold on girl! you can do it:)

kellee jo said...

don't fret, we can be friends (: