fights in dland

how i plan to spend my life:

1. marry my best friend
2. have many adventures camping & four wheeling
3. spend as much time as i can in the mountains
4. have cute kids
5. share my love for the outdoors with my kids 
6. go four wheeling & camping lots with my family
7. eat all the s’mores possible 
8. teach my kids to fish and do things they love
9. spend as much time as possible around a campfire
10. eat lots of good food
11. go on dates with my best friend until i die
12. attend as many concerts as possible
13. raise a cute little, happy family
14. teach my kids to be respectful, responsible humans

and i will live happily ever after, the end. 

p.s. did y'all hear about the fight that broke out in my beloved california adventure? not acceptable. some stupid man, went on a wild rampage right in front of the tower of terror. i saw the video on msnbc news, and it made me sick. the man had a tree trunk up his butt about something, and took it out on all of the tower of terror workers. once the sweet disneyland security showed up, he freaked out some more and knocked the security guard to the ground. the video made me sick. i would stab the persons eyes that acted like that in the happiest place on earth. i pity that man. not only was he making a huge scene, he was acing like a jack wagon in front of little kids. walt would be ashamed. im sure he rolled over in his grave. i am appalled
in other disneyland news, i am going to disneyland in a month. with my best friend. yeeehaw. 

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