my second home is calling

i want to take my camping chair and my smore's and move to the mountains. i want to sit. and not move. for a long time. the mountains will forever be my favorite place. the mountains are quiet, and they are peaceful. the mountains don't annoy me. they don't talk when i want quiet. the mountains are my therapy. im serious. its the only place where i can literally get away from the world, and all the people. its the only place where i am completely and totally content. i wish i could live in the mountains. there is nothing more peaceful than just sitting and listening to absolutely nothing. i want to sit with someone that cares about me and talk forever. and i don't ever want to leave the mountains. ever. i don't need any of this "stuff." i just need a camping chair, people i care about, and the trees. seriously, i need to go up there and sit. i need to think. its the only place in the world where i don't have a single distraction. i am in love with the mountains. 

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