ramblings from my life

there are crumbs in my bed. that is totally disgusting and probably one of my biggest pet peeves. so sick.

rascal flatts came out with a new single. its pretty decent. im not really a fan of rascal flatts but i'll give them points for trying. 

i spent two hours today hanging out with my ex-boyfriend's mom. the funny thing is, me and her son broke up over two years ago. me and her are still best friends. i don't talk to her son at all, but i talk to her a ton. i love that woman. 

i saw jason aldean's new music video for fly over states. it kinda sucked. 

im going to st george tomorrow. i'll be there until monday

me and sexkitten were driving down the road, having a normal conversation about ice cream. i said something along the lines of  "i love ice cream" right as i said that, there was a sign on the side of the road that said large cones, $1. zach yelled "its a sign!" we pulled in and got ice cream.

so recently, ive missed two concerts and im about to miss a third. i missed brad paisley & a couple days ago i missed lady antebellum. in march, miranda lambert is coming. too bad im freaking broke. im really craving a concert. 

as i was at said exboyfriends house, i saw two missionaries walking along the street. i wanted so badly to go out and hug them. it made me miss my brother so much. 

that's all.

and this picture made me smile.

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