saturday night was a wild one. neither me nor angie got asked to sweethearts, so we went on our own date. first we went to wingers, where we got a free asphalt pie. we then proceeded to do what we always do when were together, drive up the canyon. its a must. while me and angie were driving up the canyon, we spotted what we thought were two males around a campfire. we were being total creepers. after driving past these two males like 5 times, we finally stopped the car. we knew that we had to talk to them, because what if one of the guys turned out to be my soul mate. we just couldn't risk it. two girls talking to two men in the dark where there is no service, talk about a dumb idea. me and angie are super smart. anyway, we stopped the car in the middle of the road and i had no idea what to say to these guys, they already thought we were weird for driving past a million times. i yelled out the window, "are you guys from pleasant grove?" i really didn't know what else to say. then we heard a woman reply, "no." i started laughing so hard and i told them i thought they were someone else. real smooth melia, real smooth. the two guys i tried hitting on turned out to be a boy and a girl. awkward. me and angie laughed about it the rest of the night. we ended up driving around for the next 2 hours. we found ourselves in lehi, don't ask me how we got there. we were on the back roads in the middle of no where driving through all the farms. we were pretty lost. out of no where the most powerful and overwhelming smell of  horse poop came over us. we were literally gagging in the car and we couldn't breathe. not being able to breathe and laughing super hard turns out to be a really bad combination. i thought i was dying. the poop smell stayed in the car all night long, it was horrible. lehi needs to fix their nasty problem, its getting out of hand. we ended the night by going over to angie's boyfriends house. he lives in lehi. we spent the next hour watching chris ledoux music videos on the big screen. it was awesome. and that was the end of our wild night out. 

p.s. do i watch the walking dead tonight? or do i watch my boy jason preform at the grammys... really this might be the hardest decision ive ever had to make. im torn. 

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bina said...

Haha you hit on a girl.. thats funny! :)