s'more 101

the s'more. such a delectable treat, yet so versatile. the s'more is my favorite food, and i consider myself quite the s'more connoisseur. over my years of experience, i have tried and come up with many different ways to eat the s'more. of course, there is always the classic way of eating a s'more. chocolate, marshmellow and gram cracker, but the s'more has so much more to offer than just the plain ol' classic. i've spent many hours and long nights around the dying embers of a fire and i have tried many, many variations of the s'more. 

first and foremost, my favorite s'more recipe, the nutella s'more.
yes i said nutella. 
get the gram crackers and spread each one with nutella. 
set the grams by the fire so the nutella can get all melt-y while you roast your marshmellow.
then, prepare yourself for the most magical combination to ever reach your tastebuds.

next, we have my 2nd favorite s'more variation. the reese's peanut butter s'more.
get the large peanut butter cups, not the little one in gold wrappers. im talking the big ol' cups.
set the grams with the peanut butter cups on them by the fire so the reese's can melt while you roast your marshmellow.
then enjoy the delicious combination.

3rd, we have the poptart s'more. this is for the seriously lazy people. but i'd be lying if i said ive never tried it. 
just buy s'mores flavored poptarts and stick some roasted marshmellows between the two. its definitely not my favorite of the bunch, but it gets the job done. just set the poptart by the fire so they can get warm. 

other variations also include: 
- instead of using gram crackers, use two rice krispy treats to hold it all together
- instead of using normal milk chocolate, use the cookies & cream chocolate bars
- if your going for something fancy, add a few raspberries or sliced strawberies to your melted delight
- if your feeling super lazy, scratch the grams and chocolate. use keebler fudge striped cookies.

melia's tips to a perfect s'more:
- always, always set your chocolate by the fire while you roast your marshmellow. nothing is worse than eating cold hard chocolate with your roasted marshmellow. kill two birds with one stone and let the chocolate melt on the gram cracker while you cook your mallow. 
- the more burnt, the better. 
- if it tastes like campfire, your definitely doing it right.
- don't be afraid of a little dirt or ash. it just adds to the flavor. i cant tell you how many times i've eaten a gram cracker covered with dirt or had my marshmellow touch the ashes. its dark outside anyway, you can't tell what your eating. 
-and remember, they taste better if they are messy.

i hope this was informative and beneficial to all of you. may all of your wildest s'more & campfire dreams come true. i hope you use these variations in your near future. feel free to follow my s'more board on pinterest. http://pinterest.com/missmelia/s-mores/

i really can't believe i just spent a half hour writting about s'mores. 

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