squatch calls

last night was wild. i got with my two best friends, angie and shannon. when you put us three together, things get pretty crazy. seriously, we don't know how to handle ourselves when the three of us are confined together in small spaces. we are just too funny. it was a pretty great night and i think we spent six hours driving around in a car but we picked up some other friends a long the way and turned it into a party. the best part of the night was when we went sasquatch hunting up in the mountains... just about found one too. around midnight, we found ourselves in the walmart parking lot with nothing to do. so naturally, we started singing the moulin rouge soundtrack to matt at the top of our lungs. and by singing, i mean belting. pretty sure i lost my voice.... we ended the night with a fabulous rendition of bohemian rhapsody by queen. then we called it quits. 

life is looking good right now.. ive got a lot of fun things planned for the next few months before i head off to college. me and angie already made our bucket list.

oh, and brantley gilbert concert on june 14th. you bet your sweet cheeks i'll be there. 

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