sunday night drives

im still trying to get over my horrid weekend. i think ive mostly recovered. sunday night i was feeling pretty down. i had wanted to go to the mountains all day, because thats my favorite spot to think. at 9:30 on sunday night, me and my best friend angie went on a spontaneous drive. of  course, we ended up driving up the canyon. the whole entire way up the canyon i told angie about my horrible weekend and she just sat there and listened. sometimes that is all people need. to just talk, and have someone listen without saying anything. i got all the scattered thoughts out of my mind. once we got to the lake, we got out of the car and stood there on the snow banks and looked out over the lake. it was gorgeous. it was dark outside, with a full moon. the moon reflected off the water and snow. i stood there for a while and took some deep breaths of fresh air. the mountains are therapeutic. i felt much better instantly. on the drive back home, we blasted jason aldean and i sung at the top of my lungs. i returned home feeling much better. there is something about best friends, the mountains, jason aldean and chocolate that just make everything better. 
i snapped a few pictures of the eerie night up in the mountains.

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bina said...

Definilty miss the mountains in Utah!