it seems that most single people tend to hate valentines, while those who are in a relationship seem to love it. i mean it makes total sense to me. i for one, am not in a relationship. but, that doesn't mean i hate v-day. in fact, i really quite enjoy it. whether im single or not. only once in my life have i ever had a relationship on valentines day. that was six years ago in the 7th grade. i really don't mind if i have a boy to spoil me or not. my mom and grandma always give me valentines stuff which is just as good to me. i mean once im in a relationship, im sure i will love valentines day even more, but for now im perfectly content being single. i think it should be a wonderful day for everyone, single or not. but, i am excited for the day to come when i can spoil a guy i truly care about.
but for now, i will spend valentines with jason and have a jam out session while i wait for someone special to share the day with. 

look at him. mmm. 

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